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Who is Mission First Capital?
Why Mission First Capital has the experience to find and create quality real estate investment opportunities.
The Mission First Capital Difference
How the principals at Mission First Capital have set up a unique type of fund to allow our brothers and sisters to invest in real estate.
Why Real Estate is a Great Investment
We will walk you through exactly why Real Estate is such a sought after investment asset class by professional investors.
Veteran-Owned and Operated.
Mission First Capital has:
  • Over 15+ Years Combined Experience
  •  250+ Multi-Family Units
  •  Over $30 Million in Real Estate Assets 
Learn about the Mission First Capital Principals and Managing Partners

Phil Capron

Phil served honorably as a Naval Special Warfare Combatant Craft Crewman (SWCC) in the Navy, where he spent his days jumping out of planes, shooting, and manning the radios on the small fast boats that take Navy SEALs and other Special Operations personnel to and from their missions in non-permissive or denied areas of the world.

He quickly realized that real estate was something he had a passion for and committed to pursuing it further when his time in the service was over. He took a real estate license course while still in the Navy and upon separation from service in 2012 immediately went to work selling his buddies from his old unit homes as they transferred to Virginia from other duty stations. Eventually, he developed an appetite to create real wealth and dove head first into his first multi-family acquisition, a 13-unit property in Norfolk. Now, over 400 units later, he is a full time multi-family acquisitions specialist.

Phil prides himself on creatively finding win-win solutions for complex problems and credits his time in the military with his tenacious no quit attitude and commitment to teamwork. Phil has been featured on many of the most well-known real estate podcasts and regularly speaks at conferences around the country.

Anthony Pinto

Anthony Pinto is the Chief Operations Officer for Mission First Capital and the founder of Pinto Capital Investments. Mission First Capital was made for veteran’s by veterans. Our goal is to provide real estate opportunities to active duty and military veteran investors not otherwise available to our brothers and sisters. Investing in stable, real assets is no longer exclusive to the rich and powerful.

Anthony specializes in investing in commercial real estate and apartment buildings. Specifically, he seeks out and acquire B to C class apartment buildings as value-add acquisitions. Working with experienced syndicators and partners, Anthony continues to acquire larger apartment buildings across the Southeast US, focusing on the Hampton Roads, VA and Georgia markets. Across the Hampton Roads MSA, Anthony has $20M in AUM and controls more than 300 units, all acquired in 2020.

As a Submarine Officer, he spent three years onboard the USS Albany (SSN-753) operating/supervising a critical reactor plant, commanding numerous watch teams during intense combat exercises as Officer of the Deck and successfully managed an arduous 5-year maintenance as an integral Project Manager. Anthony is currently on shore tour in Yokosuka, Japan. 
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